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Reality slaps me in the face….

I haven’t written in a few weeks….but that’s because I haven’t been feeling well….or I’ve been too busy to sit down and get all my thoughts out….

The last week I’ve felt like crap…..beyond imaginable crap. Last Thursday I was vomiting after my workout – thought maybe it was the empty stomach or not enough water…maybe a combo of both. Who knows….I’m not a dr.

Well Sunday I was being lazy and laying around with the kiddos….lounging on the couch and watching T.V. All of a sudden I get this horrid pain ripping through my abdomen. Literally….worst gas pain ever….or so I thought….but nope….definitely wasnt gas pain….trust me I know.

Pain was still present Monday and I couldn’t really get off of the couch. So Tuesday I decided (after some “encouraging” words from my mother) that it was time to get into the dr. I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I went in and got poked and prodded. Had an ultrasound done because the dr thought it was an ovarian cyst….low and behold….it was not. So yesterday (weds.) I went into the dr and had some blood taken.

My dr seems to pretty confident that I have diverticulitis….. I googled it and found out what it was…..and scared the shit out of myself….of course you automatically start thinking worst case scenario. So my blood work came back showing that I did in fact have an infection in my body….so she is starting me on a broad spectrum antibiotic for 5 days…..if the pain is still there or I am still feeling sick…..I’ll schedule a CT scan…..

Im 27 years old….Im too young to have something like that wrong with me……Im a mom of 3 kids…..I dont have time to be down and out when a flare up happens…..I dont have time to be down after surgery god forbid it ever comes to that. Seriously you just start thinking worst case scenario… can you NOT… it’s not like I have cancer….it’s a very and i mean very treatable condition but that doesnt change the fact that you cannot help but bring yourself to that dark place.

What if something happens to me? Will my husband be okay? Will he be able to handle 3 kids like I do? Will he have a life after me? Will my kid miss me? Will they be mad at me? The list of questions goes on and on……Maybe Im just a negative nelly IDK…..but whenever I have a health scare this is immediately what I think about……I mean God forbid I be positive for 30 seconds…’s just my nature….IDK

So hopefully next week we have some FIRM answers….I do know that we have a nasty stomach bug going around the schools where my kids go….so I am hoping to god that’s all it is and nothing more…..there’s me being positive 😉


Work out….Day 1…..

Aaaaaaand I’m dead. A group of girlfriends and I decided it would be a GENIUS idea to try and to a 6 mile obstacle course in May that they call Mudrella. It looked so fun on the website…..Then I had my first personal training session yesterday. 

I haven’t worked out in probably 6 years. Legit the most activity I get is chasing around a toddler and carrying laundry baskets up and down the stairs. And there are some days where that even winds me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I made the decision to sign on with the personal trainer. First of all I want to say that she is the definition of AMAZING. She was very understanding that my limits were not that of an average person because of my back surgery….and because my range of motion is almost nonexistent. Amazing. She pushed me. Not too hard, but just hard enough where Featured image

I knew I wasn’t going to give up on myself.

We spent an entire hour working out. We had a few seconds of water breaks of course but she was great at getting our bodies moving and our heart rate up and keeping it where it needed. Fast forward to the drive home….I can barely lift my arms to drive the damn truck. Like I am pretty sure I am dying in the driver seat. 

Fast forward…..I’m home. My husband is sitting on the couch….he asked how the workout went….I BURST OUT IN TEARS….now not because it was bad….but because I realized how out of shape I am.,…how unhealthy our family eats…..How there’s not a lot that I can do compared to the other girls even though one day I am sure that I will get there. SO now here he is laughing at me while making a protein shake for me (god bless the man for dealing with those stinky farts) but he goes on to tell me how proud he is that I made it through it and I WANT to back. And he will be even more proud if I stick it out. 

Oh….I am sticking this out… 3 months when we have this race…..I’m going to kick ass and take names and thank Jenny Burman for all she did for me….I can do this….I will do this….I want to do this….I want a healthier life style. I want to be able to eat again. Id like to eventually quit smoking….but I mean lets talk 1 hurdle at a time here…..a girl has to have some kind of vice….maybe working out will turn into my vice.

All I know….is I hurt like a mother fucker today. Like I want to lay down on the floor and not ever move again….oh and did I mention that our next session is Thursday? Maybe Ill stop hurting by Thursday….but then Ill just hurt for a few more days after it……

Jenny you are truly amazing…..if it weren’t for you pushing me through yesterday and telling YES I can do these things…I would’ve just quit….you’re going to be my inspiration….I am going to make you proud….you are going to kick my ass…and I am going to hate you at times…..but you are the reason that I am going to be able to do this! 

Jamberry Nails Product Review

Consultant: Christine Kilner
roduct: Nail Art

I have heard so much about Jamberry…pretty much it’s them most amazing company out there. Christine was generous enough to send me samples and allow me to do a review of the product. As you can see from below, I did that 7 day challenge. Which in a nutshell if you apply 1 wrap to your finger and then the rest with nail polish to see how it holds up compared to the wrap. I use my hands daily….so even if I paint my nails 1-2 days later…the nail polish is chipped away and now here I am stuck with the gross finger nails because Im too lazy to paint them ever day.

Featured image

I am happy to report that this actually be day 9, the wrap is still COMPLETELY intact and I have just about no more standard finger nail polish happening. These parties are actually perfect for a mommy/me day or just a fun night girls night in with some wine. Nothing like getting to relax and getting your nails done KNOWING they are going to stay in tact for AT LEAST 7 days! I cannot wait until summer time because I will getting wraps for my toes…..Yup you heard me correct…they offer toe nail wraps amongst other products such as nail laquer! Thank a peek at Christine’s website above if you want to view the products! Also do not hesitated to reach out to Christine with any all questions that you have!

All wraps are buy 3 get 1 free! There are quite a few wraps that are going to discontinued as the new catalog comes out in March. I high recommend trying out this product….you’ll see how right I am. And the application was so simple a 5 year old could do 🙂 I cannot wait to try more products from Jamberry Nails!