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Reality slaps me in the face….

I haven’t written in a few weeks….but that’s because I haven’t been feeling well….or I’ve been too busy to sit down and get all my thoughts out….

The last week I’ve felt like crap…..beyond imaginable crap. Last Thursday I was vomiting after my workout – thought maybe it was the empty stomach or not enough water…maybe a combo of both. Who knows….I’m not a dr.

Well Sunday I was being lazy and laying around with the kiddos….lounging on the couch and watching T.V. All of a sudden I get this horrid pain ripping through my abdomen. Literally….worst gas pain ever….or so I thought….but nope….definitely wasnt gas pain….trust me I know.

Pain was still present Monday and I couldn’t really get off of the couch. So Tuesday I decided (after some “encouraging” words from my mother) that it was time to get into the dr. I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I went in and got poked and prodded. Had an ultrasound done because the dr thought it was an ovarian cyst….low and behold….it was not. So yesterday (weds.) I went into the dr and had some blood taken.

My dr seems to pretty confident that I have diverticulitis….. I googled it and found out what it was…..and scared the shit out of myself….of course you automatically start thinking worst case scenario. So my blood work came back showing that I did in fact have an infection in my body….so she is starting me on a broad spectrum antibiotic for 5 days…..if the pain is still there or I am still feeling sick…..I’ll schedule a CT scan…..

Im 27 years old….Im too young to have something like that wrong with me……Im a mom of 3 kids…..I dont have time to be down and out when a flare up happens…..I dont have time to be down after surgery god forbid it ever comes to that. Seriously you just start thinking worst case scenario… can you NOT… it’s not like I have cancer….it’s a very and i mean very treatable condition but that doesnt change the fact that you cannot help but bring yourself to that dark place.

What if something happens to me? Will my husband be okay? Will he be able to handle 3 kids like I do? Will he have a life after me? Will my kid miss me? Will they be mad at me? The list of questions goes on and on……Maybe Im just a negative nelly IDK…..but whenever I have a health scare this is immediately what I think about……I mean God forbid I be positive for 30 seconds…’s just my nature….IDK

So hopefully next week we have some FIRM answers….I do know that we have a nasty stomach bug going around the schools where my kids go….so I am hoping to god that’s all it is and nothing more…..there’s me being positive 😉


Jamberry Nails Product Review

Consultant: Christine Kilner
roduct: Nail Art

I have heard so much about Jamberry…pretty much it’s them most amazing company out there. Christine was generous enough to send me samples and allow me to do a review of the product. As you can see from below, I did that 7 day challenge. Which in a nutshell if you apply 1 wrap to your finger and then the rest with nail polish to see how it holds up compared to the wrap. I use my hands daily….so even if I paint my nails 1-2 days later…the nail polish is chipped away and now here I am stuck with the gross finger nails because Im too lazy to paint them ever day.

Featured image

I am happy to report that this actually be day 9, the wrap is still COMPLETELY intact and I have just about no more standard finger nail polish happening. These parties are actually perfect for a mommy/me day or just a fun night girls night in with some wine. Nothing like getting to relax and getting your nails done KNOWING they are going to stay in tact for AT LEAST 7 days! I cannot wait until summer time because I will getting wraps for my toes…..Yup you heard me correct…they offer toe nail wraps amongst other products such as nail laquer! Thank a peek at Christine’s website above if you want to view the products! Also do not hesitated to reach out to Christine with any all questions that you have!

All wraps are buy 3 get 1 free! There are quite a few wraps that are going to discontinued as the new catalog comes out in March. I high recommend trying out this product….you’ll see how right I am. And the application was so simple a 5 year old could do 🙂 I cannot wait to try more products from Jamberry Nails!

Falling off the wagon….

And that’s not in reference to drinking or any addictive behavior at all.

This is really more of a blog entry geared towards SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms). Although, I’m sure that the working mommies out there could weigh in on this subject as well.

As I’ve said before….in March it’ll be 1 year that I’ve been home with my kids….Ages 8, 5, and 18 months. They pretty much run my life at this point. And I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING! But when I was working I noticed that I had more of a sense of accomplishment. Sunday evenings after dinner I would sit down and do a week or two week meal plan. I would dedicate 1 day on the weekend to doing laundry, scrubbing the house, etc…..but here we are almost a year later and I seem to have fallen off the wagon. And even my husband has noticed unfortunately. It used to be that I would run the vacuum and he would be like omg did you clean the house….and now I run the vacuum once or twice a day and he’ll be like when is the last time you dusted? LOL….now that just irritates me….but hey whatever….at least he pays attention right?

But now…it’s like I know I’m going to be home ALL DAY EVERY DAY….so I feel like if I don’t clean for 4 days who cares because on day 5 I’ll clean…or why do laundry on Sunday when I can do it Monday or Tuesday….I almost feel like I have lost my sense of accomplishment! There are days where I wake up at 630 and start cleaning and am cleaning until 3-4 in the afternoon…and there are days where I just want to watch everything from the last week I have on my DVR…or I just want to take a nap….because I CAN!….and I seriously feel like a hermit bum.

It’s winter so we are inside all day…really there’s no excuse for me not cleaning except I don’t feel like it. And it has started arguments with my husband because he busts his ass 40 hours a week to support us and allow us to stay home. But at the same time….3 kids is a lot of work…..and an 18 mo old by herself is even more work omg….and she is like a tornado that rips through the house and cleaning up after her SUCKS…but I am the one that is home….therefore I am the primary caretaker….I clean…make sure the boys are out the door for school on time….cook for them…help the boys with their homework every day….make sure they are all bathed etc….so don’t I deserve to NOT do anything once in awhile?

I feel like that sense of entitlement to be lazy because raising kids is hard work….but that’s no excuse. I know it isn’t, but that doesnt mean my mindset is going to change….

How do you stay productive? What do you do to make yourself feel accomplished? Do you make lists? Or just fly the seat of your pants most days? Im really curious what my readers do and have to say….Is this a normal thing I will grow out of? Or am I doomed?!

New Years Resolution….

What is a new years resolution anyways? I’ve always felt like it’s something that people do just to set themselves up for failure….because for real….how many of you have actually completed a new years resolution? I haven’t completed one. Ever. So this year I thought that I would try something different. Daily goals. I mean how hard could it be to complete DAILY goals?!

I’ve been a SAHM 11 months now and have finally gotten into a pattern w/ certain things….but there is always something that needs to be done with 3 kids running around. Like I would like my house to be cleaner. And I would like to cook 5 out of 7 nights a week. Not to mention I run a business as well and have to make sure to get that stuff in.

So each morning that I wake up…..the first thing I do while the kids are eating breakfast is I make a list of 10 things no matter how big or small they are that I want to get done. There is just something really satisfying about checking things off of a to do list. Whether it’s as small as washing the white clothes or as big as rearranging the bedroom furniture, it goes on the list. And sometimes I even get the kids in on the gig….which takes ten times longer but its good bonding time I feel like.

Its only 3 weeks into the new year….but so far so good….except the cooking….Im failing pretty miserably….I did cook every night this week so far….so there’s that….but hey it’s a process for us all! So now I have to jump on the meal planning bandwagon….because honestly it’s really the easiest thing to do for a family of 5. I’m looking forward to making 2015 my bitch. Will it happen? No probably not….but I have to keep thinking like that and pushing on.

For everyone out there that DOES make new years resolutions….what are yours? and HOW in the world do you complete them? Or are you like me and just take it day by day? I’m really interested to know……

Poofy Organics – Product Review

Distributor: Erika Dycus
Company: Poofy Organics
Facebook Page:
Website: www,
January Special: All home parties booked in the month of January, the hostess will receive a gift basket worth $45

Oh Erika I am so happy that you sent me the samples that you did. First we are going to start with the all natural lip balm that she sent me….that’s right all natural! You just cannot go wrong with organic products these days….especially knowing all of the harmful chemicals that are every day things we put in our body.

My oldest son has lips that chap so easily in the winter that they crank and bleed. And he gets this weird irritation under his bottom lip every single year because of the drying and he licks to moisten his lips/mouth area versus using chap stick. We got the Vanilla mint chap stick in the mail and the first thing I made him do was to put it on his lips. He uses it AT LEAST 3 times a day! He says that he loves the smell of the vanilla and likes even more the sensation that his lips get from the mint that is infused with the chap stick. He has been using it since Monday and here we we are Wednesday only and his lips are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and his rash is almost completely gone from under his bottom lip. So now he has his very own special chap stick that he uses every day multiple times a day. It has taken so much to find a chap stick that works for him. We tried using Burt’s Bee’s for the longest time and still….it didn’t work. I am so happy that we found something that works for him.
Featured image

Then I used the menthol vanilla lotion stick that was sent to me. First of all I am loving the fact that it is not a greasy product whatsoever. I actually put that on the bottom of my feet last night because they crack really bad in the winter and put socks on. I woke up this morning and my feet were probably 5 times better after one use of this product. I am so glad it worked because I really didn’t want to have to get the “cheese grater” foot spa tool to cut off any of my callouses. I am going to continue using this ever night before I go to bed putting socks on and see how great they look when 1 full week is over. I will be editing this blog one week from today with before and after pictures of my feet on how great this lotion stick works. 

If anyone has any questions about Poofy Organics, please contact Erika directly via the contact info above!

Thank you again Erika for coming to the rescue with 2 products that make my life and my son’s life more comfortable and easy! 

Inconsiderate people really piss me off…..

I won’t sit here and claim to be the most considerate person in the world because quite frankly….I am not. But I do always put peoples thoughts and needs before my own. No matter who they are. Unless I don’t like them….because then I don’t care.

But we’ll call me person “A”. Person “A” stays home all day, cooks (if there’s shit to cook), changes multiple shitty diapers a day, deals with cranky kids ALL day, cleans the house (sometimes I just vacuum so it looks like I cleaned), does the laundry, runs errands if they need to be ran, etc. Person “B”….easiest. fucking. life. ever. Does whatever person “B” wants whenever person “B” wants with no regard for person “A”.

Ok well now since we all know I’m person “A”…..I am getting beyond frustrated and irritated and ANGRY and almost every little thing these days. I have no time for myself unless the kids are SLEEPING. If I disappeared for an entire day…..wait I would never do that because my husband hasn’t watched the kids alone enough for me to even be comfortable leaving the baby with him for more than 4 hours tops.

I just want 5 minutes. Whether its to read a book. Take a poop. I don’t care.

I get that we lead very and i mean VERY hectic lives. He works full-time and owns his own business that he works part-time and I too own my own business that gets worked part-time.


I do not negotiate with terrorists…..

And I have 3 tiny ones at home. 3 tiny little terrorists that i love with all my heart and soul. Ok, ok, maybe they aren’t technically “terrorists” but just the same….those kids are my life. The reason I wake up at the ass crack of dawn in the morning 7 days a week, the reason that at 27 I have gray hair, the reason i don’t get hot meals unless I eat AFTER they go to bed, and of course the reason I sometimes wonder where I put my sanity.

I just became a SAHM (stay at home mom) this past March….so it’s actually almost been a year. I cannot believe that the children and I have all survived…..and I say that because I really truly did question whether or not being a SAHM would be for me, or most importantly for my kids. Well here we are…..we did it….I did it….we are going to continue to do it. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot going on that keeps me busy along with my kids and that might be why we survived….but heck! The fact that I’ve been home for almost a year is just well….amazing.

There have been ups. There have been downs. My kids like to think that they can walk all over me, that I will let them do what they want, etc. Well they’ve quickly learned even more so over the last few months that NOPE…what mom says goes don’t question me….hence….I dont negotiate with terrorists.

I have a 5 year old that likes to offer to bribe me with $5 every time I say to change my mind. While tempting….I quickly realize that I would have to actually give him the $5 just to get it back myself….So I stand my ground. He’s learning now…mommy doesnt negotiate with terrorists. He will even tell his brother and sister that. I of course laugh. Please dear god don’t let my kid go to school and tell his teacher that his mommy doesnt negotiate with terrorists. Not a phone call I could easily explain.

Then I have an 8 year old who thinks he is 16. That sentence right there should be all I need to write….But no…of course it isn’t because that would be too easy. He is just something else. He is ME when I was that age. My mother always wished I had children like me….and now I do….and it’s kinda bullshit actually. How do you discipline your child for acting JUST LIKE YOU DO?! And my god he is very intelligent….he knows when to tread lightly. He knows when he can or cannot get away with something….he definitely knows how to give me a run for my money.

Then I have this sweet precious little 18 month old girl. Oh no no no…sweet and precious….have you people heard of the TERRIBLE TWOS?! FML….It’s happening right now….and the struggle is real….she has an attitude. She claps her hands at you if you dont respond to her right away. She stomps her feet at you if you say the word no. And when she is doing something that she isnt supposed to (which is pretty much every second of every day) she puts on this cute little smile and giggles and says “hi”… do i punish that? How do I tell that no? And then the dirty diaper comes and I end up getting baby crap on my hand….then I remember how tell that no!

Kids are dirty, mouthy, mean, violent and so on. But at the end of the day….they are my little terrorists….even though I do not negotiate with them.

Enjoy your children no matter what. Whether you work, whether you stay at home, doesnt matter. No matter how angry they make you on a day to day basis….each morning that you wake up….its a NEW day so treat it like a new day. Forget what happened yesterday even though it will probably happen twice today. Love them. Make sure you show that you love them no matter what.

It does get easier….I can definitely vouch for that….and as soon as it starts to get easier….someone will throw a wrench into your perfect life and it’ll get hard all over again. Just remember to live and love them for today. Don’t think about yesterday. Just today.