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Revealed by Green Photography – Service Review

Owner & Photographer: Tim Green
Co-Owner: Kristin Green
Facebook for Revealed:
Facebook for Green Photography:

Services Offered – Revealed is the boudoir side of the business. 
                              Green Photography is the family pictures, weddings, prom pictures, etc side of the business. 

First off, I will say that Tim and Kristin are great friends of mine. But putting that aside…..I am actually someone who is unbelievably self-conscious about their body. So much so that I wear baggy sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants most of the time. I’m aware that I shouldn’t be that self conscious but it happens to a woman after she’s had kids. But I wanted to do something that brought the sexy back. Something that made me feel alive, and beautiful even though I have had three kids. So I reached out to Tim to take my photos. Now Tim has taken my family photos in the past, so I was really nervous about booking a boudoir photo shoot with him. You start think….omg what if I get uncomfortable…..what if I look fat? What these turn out awful? You just have these awful thoughts that run through your mind.

Then it was the day of the shoot. I had no one to do my hair or make-up that day. It was just me getting ready. By myself. I hate curling my hair, i actually really suck at it…and I hate putting on make-up…but I caked that stuff on.

Tim was the MOST professional photographer that I have worked with. And I have worked with quite a few of them….whether it be family shoots, boudoir shoots, or just pictures of my kids. I’ve never in my life been so comfortable around another person (other than my husband and best friend) in panties and a bra. But he didn’t even look at me any differently….It’s as if I were still wearing my baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. And I started getting comfortable. And even kind of giddy at the fact that omg I was actually doing this….the world was going to see this pictures. But then all of a sudden….I was 100% okay with that.

I told him what I wanted to capture. I told him what my goal for these photos were. And wow…did he make it happen. I saw myself in a way that I never thought imaginable. I was beautiful. And not the kind of beautiful as in a man tells you you’re beautiful….but artwork beautiful. I truly see the photos he did of me as art. Now some are risque, but hey….they wouldn’t be boudoir if they weren’t.

I am so very much looking forward to my next session with Tim and Revealed. And believe me….there will be plenty more. I highly recommend that if you are interested in getting photos done…talk with Tim and Kristin. Their pricing is very affordable and the level of comfort will blow you out of the water. I will use Tim for all my photo needs,whether it be family or other types of photos….the ideas are endless…the possibilities are endless….and he is amazing.

The talent that he has seriously blows my mind. I cant say enough good things about him and his professionalism. And Kristin….she books all of the appointments and sets up the contracts etc….she too is amazing at what she does. She is on top of everything every step of the way no matter how big or small the detail is. Check out their Facebook pages above. You wont be sorry….and if you do book or have questions….tell them Taboo Mommy sent you 😉


Young Living Essential Oils – Product Review

Distributor: Krista Lipinsky
Contact Info: www.
Distributor ID: 1348847

So I’ve been weary about jumping on the oils train for quite a few months and finally….I reached out to someone for a sample so that I could try something to help me with my insomnia. Unfortunately I was cursed w/ insomnia that cannot even be cured with sleeping pills….prescribed or over the counter (OTC).

Krista was kind enough to send me a sample of the lavender oil. She also sent me a very information packet as to where to place the oils and how they effect the body. So I thought “oh what theFeatured image heck, let’s give this a try…nothing else I’ve done has worked!” All I can say now….is BUY OILS!

I used the Lavender on Monday night because I was beginning to feel restless and hadn’t yet taken any medication. So I rubbed the oils on the bottom of my feet and put socks on and then sprinkled a few drops on my pillow and on my sheets on my side of the bed. I can honestly tell you….Monday night was the best 7 hours of sleep I’ve gotten in weeks. I felt so relaxed after about 15 minutes of putting on the oil and laying down and fell asleep so naturally. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) morning and didn’t feel groggy and actually had quite a bit of energy…way more than I do on a day to day basis.

I was blown away by how well these oils worked and I cannot wait to jump on the oils bandwagon and try new scents for different things.

I have a son who has oppositional mood disorder and after using the lavender it actually made me want to go and buy a diffuser to put in the kids bedroom at night so they too can have the same kind of rest. I also want to get a diffuser for my living room and try different scents for all the different things they offer.

Seriously check out her link above and see what the oils do! I know that I will be ordering more oils and CANNOT just CANNOT wait to see how they work. Now the trick is going to be to find one that stops my husband from snoring 🙂

Thank you Krista for being so generous for sending me samples and allowing me to do a product review on your Young Living Oils products. I look forward to working with you in the future. If any of you have questions, please contact Krista directly at

Thank you again Krista! You are amazing and so are your oils!

If you are interested in becoming a rep….they have their premium starter kit for $150. It is $296.00 worth of products and included are: Oils: Frankincense (5ml), Joy (5 ml), Lavender (5 ml), Lemon (5 ml), Panaway (5 ml), Peace & Calming (5 ml), Peppermint (5 ml), Purification (5 ml), Purification (5 ml), Stress away (5 ml), Thieves (5 ml), Valor (5 ml), Home diffuer (as pictured original price is $98 retail),Aroma glide roller fillment, 10 oil samples, and 2 Ningxia samples.

Also if you sign up to become a distributor you get 24% off of the products w/ the wholesale membership.

Thank you again Krista!


Just Paint Professionals – Service review

I don’t even know where to begin with how happy I am with the work Just Paint has done in my household! They redid my basement, kids bedroom, and hallway! Joe is the owner of the company and when he did our home it was such a pleasure to have him there.

His work is beautiful. Yes it might just be painting walls and fixing spots in my house but he was many other talents as well such as drywall, etc.

His prices were the most affordable around. He is so profession. Does amazing work, and is just a pure pleasure to be around. We actually plan to hire him back this summer to stain our house and decks that’s how impressed we were with.

Also on the plus side the man is amazing with kids. He actually let my 5 year old help him with their bedroom in some spots.

I highly recommend Just Paint Professionals for all your household interior and exterior paining. I won’t use anyone else.


Check out his Facebook page here! And tell him Dee sent you.

Tutuloo Bowtique Product Review

Just tell me how adorable these two items are? First let me start off by saying that these two items were not made for my daughter. But the owner of Tutuloo Bowtique did make my daughter a customer tutu for her Halloween costume….she was a scarecrow and it was amazing but it was too cold here in Illinois to go trick or treating with babies. So she and I together decided that this piece was going to be the one that we featured for the product review. Kelly Repp is a stay at home mom of 4 kiddos. One day, she found her inner craft goddess….sometimes Pinterest is actually good for people! Kelly came out of the woodwork with how talented she became with make these tutus and bows. Pictured below is a newborn tutu made on ribbon so it is adjustable. The bow…omg it’s just too cute. It is handmade with satin and feathers to achieve the cute look. She is so talented that she has even ventured on to making dresses with tutu bottoms….and let’s be real you are NEVER too old for a tutu. Trust me….I’m doing a mud run in May….and she will most definitely be making the team tutus.

Featured image

Interested in checking out her work? Check her out on Facebook!
She can customized anything! Take a look through her pictures on Facebook. And leave her a lovely comment on here or Facebook for when she reads her product review!

Thank you Kelly for being so talented and making my daughter her tutu even though she could only wear it for like 5 seconds! I cant wait to see what you come up with for the mud run!

CloudTwine Product Review

Now this might not be the most flattering picture of myself, but the hat is amazing. This is a hat that was actually given to me for my birthday by my older sister from an Etsy shop called CloudTwine. The work that I have seen on her shop is just to die for. She specializes in Crocheting, but taught herself how to knit by watching a YouTube video. Pretty impressive I’d say. But I also do not have the patience for tedious things like that.  If you take a quick peek at the featured image that is the exact hat I am wearing in this picture. I am OBSESSED. I don’t think I have had a hat so warm that DOESN’T stretch out when I wear it almost every single day. The owner of the shop is Amelia Barone. She is a young mother of 3 who does this because it is a passion of hers. I admire her passion…..It makes beautiful things. Her prices are so affordable as well. Featured imageIf you wish to view more products by CloudTwine please feel free to visit her Etsy shop at She also has a facebook page that you can like at Show her some love and tell her that TabooMommy sent you! If you have purchased something from CloudTwine….leave a comment and tell me how much you love her work!!!!