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My Oh My!

Holy cow has it been quite some time since I’ve sat down and had the time to write about well anything! So much has happened in my life, this will probably be a really long entry so I can try and catch everyone up. Not that I have a lot of readers….but hey someone might be interested in what I have to say. So I will bullet point the important points in my life over the last few months and then Ill go into detail…..I just want to make sure Im not forgetting anything! Its been one hell of a roller coaster ride this year!

  • I turned 30 on December 11, 2017
  • I had an affair that started 07/19/2017 and lasted 6 months
  • I separated from my husband because of said affair
  • I ended up in the psychiatric ward because at some point over the summer i lost my damn mind and ended up in¬†hospital for two days
  • I started new medication….which I love but they made me gain 45 lbs
  • My middle child turned 9 on 04/27/2018
  • I am about ready to register my youngest for Kindergarten already
  • My oldest will be starting middle school (yikes!)
  • I started a new job on Friday
  • My husband was laid off from his job a few weeks ago
  • I got arrested for domestic battery in November

I’m sure I’ll find more to write about but that’s just the jist of my life the past few months. I was really nervous about turning 30 because people kept saying that your life goes downhill after you turn 30. I was supposed to have a huge blowout for my birthday but go figure right before my birthday I had a falling out with my bestie who was planning my party. So the party got cancelled and I ended up going out with my friend and her boyfriend….and the guy that i was seeing at the time. Boy i tell you what, I partied like it was my 21st birthday. Absolutely wrecked. I honestly dont think I have ever been that drunk in my life. And I literally didnt have a drink until last night when we went out with some friends, but i controlled myself for sure. I didnt want to take up feeling like shit because I knew I would be the one home with the kids and taking care of the.

Random thought…..So I had a job interview on Wednesday and on my way home from the interview some jag off hits me. I was in the left turn where the line in the road turns solid and this guy just came over and cut me off. No turn signal. No brake lights. Nothing. Over $1,000 in damages on my car. The worst part is the police officer said that I was at fault because I was driving too fast for conditions and didnt brake! OMG are you joking me?! So I have to go to court on May 17th and fight it. But I did NAIL the job! And thank god I did because Ive been job searching since October and nothing bit. It’s not the pay that I was hoping for ….not by a long shot but it gets me out of the house and helps out with bills and groceries since the husband isn’t working. And now that he’s not working he can be Mr. Dad! He’ll finally know what I go through every day LOL. But he has been working really hard to find some work to keep him busy and make money.

And onto the next chapter……


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