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A mans pride…

This. This is one thing that as woman will never and I mean never understand. As much as I want to be able to understand how their mentality works when it comes to certain things.

Let’s take my husband for example….this will more than likely be a blog that praises him…..I know I know you’ll be shocked. So I became a SAHM (Stay at home mom) in March. Not really by choice but at the same time I wasn’t going to argue. He works his 40 hours a week to bring home money to support his family. But a few months ago he thought he would take on this new business venture.

See, I used to be in direct sales for a pampering company and the company was big on sending out samples to customers etc etc well we had to supply our own sample containers. So my husband got this friggin’ brilliant idea that he was going to be come a supplier for the DS companies that needed sample supplies. It started with just containers and I laughed in his face….I never thought it would take off like it did.  And the worst part? I laughed in this face. And he has become EXTREMELY successful.

But here is this dilemma that I have……he works his 8 hour day. He comes home goes straight down into the office for 2-3 hours packing boxes, printing shipping labels, and then goes to the post office. Then he comes home (generally misses dinner) and goes back into the office and spends hours sending invoices and bagging product and boxing product etc etc. The worst part….he has only twice ever asked for my help. He does it all himself and doesnt complain about it.

I try not to complain, but let’s be real here Im a pretty bitch person….so when I do complain about it its like WWIII up in here. But Im pretty sure Ive only ever complained twice. What I want him to do….is ask me for help during the day to day operations. You know while he is working there is a lot here that I could be doing for him so he just has to literally run to the post office…come home and eat dinner and spend time with this kids. But he will NEVER and I mean NEVER ask me for help. And I have offered numerous times. All he has to do is take the time to teach me  what I need to do and it will sure as shit get done.

I miss my husband. He needs to get his shit together ;-)~

I appreciate everything he does for us. I might now show enough if ever, but I really do…..I just wish that he could put that pride aside.

I dont get it guys, maybe you can help me out…what is with your pride? Why is it so hard to put aside and ASK FOR HELP? Or speak whats on your mind? Tell me? I just want to better understand why my husband wont utilize my help during the day. I know he’s tired. I know he wants to spend time with us. But for the love of baby jesus!!!!!! WHY WONT HE PUT HIS PRIDE ASIDE?! He isnt superman! He can’t do it all alone! LET ME HELP YOU!