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Young Living Essential Oils – Product Review

Distributor: Krista Lipinsky
Contact Info: www.
Distributor ID: 1348847

So I’ve been weary about jumping on the oils train for quite a few months and finally….I reached out to someone for a sample so that I could try something to help me with my insomnia. Unfortunately I was cursed w/ insomnia that cannot even be cured with sleeping pills….prescribed or over the counter (OTC).

Krista was kind enough to send me a sample of the lavender oil. She also sent me a very information packet as to where to place the oils and how they effect the body. So I thought “oh what theFeatured image heck, let’s give this a try…nothing else I’ve done has worked!” All I can say now….is BUY OILS!

I used the Lavender on Monday night because I was beginning to feel restless and hadn’t yet taken any medication. So I rubbed the oils on the bottom of my feet and put socks on and then sprinkled a few drops on my pillow and on my sheets on my side of the bed. I can honestly tell you….Monday night was the best 7 hours of sleep I’ve gotten in weeks. I felt so relaxed after about 15 minutes of putting on the oil and laying down and fell asleep so naturally. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) morning and didn’t feel groggy and actually had quite a bit of energy…way more than I do on a day to day basis.

I was blown away by how well these oils worked and I cannot wait to jump on the oils bandwagon and try new scents for different things.

I have a son who has oppositional mood disorder and after using the lavender it actually made me want to go and buy a diffuser to put in the kids bedroom at night so they too can have the same kind of rest. I also want to get a diffuser for my living room and try different scents for all the different things they offer.

Seriously check out her link above and see what the oils do! I know that I will be ordering more oils and CANNOT just CANNOT wait to see how they work. Now the trick is going to be to find one that stops my husband from snoring 🙂

Thank you Krista for being so generous for sending me samples and allowing me to do a product review on your Young Living Oils products. I look forward to working with you in the future. If any of you have questions, please contact Krista directly at

Thank you again Krista! You are amazing and so are your oils!

If you are interested in becoming a rep….they have their premium starter kit for $150. It is $296.00 worth of products and included are: Oils: Frankincense (5ml), Joy (5 ml), Lavender (5 ml), Lemon (5 ml), Panaway (5 ml), Peace & Calming (5 ml), Peppermint (5 ml), Purification (5 ml), Purification (5 ml), Stress away (5 ml), Thieves (5 ml), Valor (5 ml), Home diffuer (as pictured original price is $98 retail),Aroma glide roller fillment, 10 oil samples, and 2 Ningxia samples.

Also if you sign up to become a distributor you get 24% off of the products w/ the wholesale membership.

Thank you again Krista!