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Because I’m all about…..

You thought I was going to say about that bass didn’t you? Haha no worries…not happening unless there’s video and I’m singing and dancing.

I really like helping people. Whether it be to build a business, give to someone in need, or just be an ear to listen I thoroughly enjoy helping people. I say it was because it was the way I was raised. My mom is the exact same way. I was raised that if you know or see someone in need no matter the circumstance, you go out of your way to try and help that person.

There is a family where I live that they call the “van family” because a mother and her disabled son live in their van. I just recently started following them on a Facebook page that was created for them and it just breaks my heart to see them in such a situation. Their van was broken down and towed out of the parking lot it has resided in for the last at least 2 years I’ve been aware of and the owner of a local shop has graciously offered to fix their van at no charge.

People in our community have reached out put them up in a hotel for a week until the van is fixed. But I keep seeing an underlying problem….the mother. She is basically refusing all help to her if it is not up to her standards. My question is this, if you are in that kind of situation….are you really supposed to have standards? Or wouldn’t you graciously accept any and all help that was given to you?

I would hope that I would never find myself in that situation….but I keep thinking of something happened and my husband lost his job…we’d lose everything….well just about everything. I would hope that there would be kind people out there to help us if we truly needed it. I would never say no to something just because it wasn’t up to my standards….or even my liking.

it breaks my heart…..a person in need feels that they can be choosey on the help they get…which it is a free country the last time I checked so yes she most certainly can be….but that doesn’t change how i feel any less.

I’ve done my fair share of fundraising, helping with benefits, giving away things to people in need, help people build their business, etc.

What are your thoughts? If something this tragic were to happen to you, would you accept any and all help? Or would you pick and choose? I would really like some honest answers and not what people think is right or what I want to hear….this is something that has been eating at me the last couple of days.