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What is wrong with our society today?

That link above has sparked a rage in me that I’ve come to feel numerous times when reading articles such as the one posted above.

As a mother, I could never in my life imagine beating or killing one of my own children. Each time one of them was born my heart exploded a little more with love I didn’t know that I could have. A little more of me grew to be more nurturing. More patient. More understanding.

So to read about an ignorant mother who killed her child because he wouldn’t have breakfast…..Jesus. And the worst part? She’ll get life in prison. Not the death penalty. Kill a child, suffer the same death. I am sorry but that is exactly how it should be. I might not be for the death penalty 100%, but for God sakes how can you kill someone you carried for 9 months and raised for 3 years?

I don’t care how “sick” you are, or if you have postpartum depression. Get yourself some freaking help. Take medication. Get admitted. I don’t care. I just cannot fathom how many articles DAILY I read about children dying at the hands of one of their parents.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no better for a stranger to murder a child or molest or torture….but to KILL YOUR OWN CHILD?!

Sweet mother of god, someone needs to help. But how do you start? Where do you begin? I just cannot even seem to get my words or thoughts straight I am so enraged.