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CloudTwine Product Review

Now this might not be the most flattering picture of myself, but the hat is amazing. This is a hat that was actually given to me for my birthday by my older sister from an Etsy shop called CloudTwine. The work that I have seen on her shop is just to die for. She specializes in Crocheting, but taught herself how to knit by watching a YouTube video. Pretty impressive I’d say. But I also do not have the patience for tedious things like that.  If you take a quick peek at the featured image that is the exact hat I am wearing in this picture. I am OBSESSED. I don’t think I have had a hat so warm that DOESN’T stretch out when I wear it almost every single day. The owner of the shop is Amelia Barone. She is a young mother of 3 who does this because it is a passion of hers. I admire her passion…..It makes beautiful things. Her prices are so affordable as well. Featured imageIf you wish to view more products by CloudTwine please feel free to visit her Etsy shop at She also has a facebook page that you can like at Show her some love and tell her that TabooMommy sent you! If you have purchased something from CloudTwine….leave a comment and tell me how much you love her work!!!!