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Basic Bitch

What. The. Fuck.

Does this term even mean? No wait….please hold…

Per Urban Dictionary who is clearly a super reliable source: a bum-ass woman who think she the shit but really ain’t

I am SO SICK TO DEATH of hearing the term basic. Teenage girls these days, adult girls these days, just people in general. What happened to our society? We used to sound semi-educated.

Basic…….shit…..I’ll tell you whats basic….nothing because its a ridiculous use of the word. People really need to think about what they say before they say it. It drives me nuts seeing all these postings all over Facebook “oh you’re basic” “she’s a basic bitch” Im 27 years old and had to resort to Urban Dictionary to find out what it meant….whaaaaat?!

I would never in my entire life want my children speaking like this. And if I heard them speaking like this….oh hi whats that for dinner? Palmolive damnit that’s whats for dinner.

Oh but we live in a society where parents no longer give a shit about their children or instead of being parents they would rather be their best friends. Listen….I pushed you out of my hooha…..we are NOT best friends….we are NOT ever going to BE best friends. I am your mother and if I ever hear you talk like that I’ll Palmolive your asses.