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Tutuloo Bowtique Product Review

Just tell me how adorable these two items are? First let me start off by saying that these two items were not made for my daughter. But the owner of Tutuloo Bowtique did make my daughter a customer tutu for her Halloween costume….she was a scarecrow and it was amazing but it was too cold here in Illinois to go trick or treating with babies. So she and I together decided that this piece was going to be the one that we featured for the product review. Kelly Repp is a stay at home mom of 4 kiddos. One day, she found her inner craft goddess….sometimes Pinterest is actually good for people! Kelly came out of the woodwork with how talented she became with make these tutus and bows. Pictured below is a newborn tutu made on ribbon so it is adjustable. The bow…omg it’s just too cute. It is handmade with satin and feathers to achieve the cute look. She is so talented that she has even ventured on to making dresses with tutu bottoms….and let’s be real you are NEVER too old for a tutu. Trust me….I’m doing a mud run in May….and she will most definitely be making the team tutus.

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Thank you Kelly for being so talented and making my daughter her tutu even though she could only wear it for like 5 seconds! I cant wait to see what you come up with for the mud run!