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New Years Resolution….

What is a new years resolution anyways? I’ve always felt like it’s something that people do just to set themselves up for failure….because for real….how many of you have actually completed a new years resolution? I haven’t completed one. Ever. So this year I thought that I would try something different. Daily goals. I mean how hard could it be to complete DAILY goals?!

I’ve been a SAHM 11 months now and have finally gotten into a pattern w/ certain things….but there is always something that needs to be done with 3 kids running around. Like I would like my house to be cleaner. And I would like to cook 5 out of 7 nights a week. Not to mention I run a business as well and have to make sure to get that stuff in.

So each morning that I wake up…..the first thing I do while the kids are eating breakfast is I make a list of 10 things no matter how big or small they are that I want to get done. There is just something really satisfying about checking things off of a to do list. Whether it’s as small as washing the white clothes or as big as rearranging the bedroom furniture, it goes on the list. And sometimes I even get the kids in on the gig….which takes ten times longer but its good bonding time I feel like.

Its only 3 weeks into the new year….but so far so good….except the cooking….Im failing pretty miserably….I did cook every night this week so far….so there’s that….but hey it’s a process for us all! So now I have to jump on the meal planning bandwagon….because honestly it’s really the easiest thing to do for a family of 5. I’m looking forward to making 2015 my bitch. Will it happen? No probably not….but I have to keep thinking like that and pushing on.

For everyone out there that DOES make new years resolutions….what are yours? and HOW in the world do you complete them? Or are you like me and just take it day by day? I’m really interested to know……


Distributor: Erika Dycus
Company: Poofy Organics
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January Special: All home parties booked in the month of January, the hostess will receive a gift basket worth $45

Oh Erika I am so happy that you sent me the samples that you did. First we are going to start with the all natural lip balm that she sent me….that’s right all natural! You just cannot go wrong with organic products these days….especially knowing all of the harmful chemicals that are every day things we put in our body.

My oldest son has lips that chap so easily in the winter that they crank and bleed. And he gets this weird irritation under his bottom lip every single year because of the drying and he licks to moisten his lips/mouth area versus using chap stick. We got the Vanilla mint chap stick in the mail and the first thing I made him do was to put it on his lips. He uses it AT LEAST 3 times a day! He says that he loves the smell of the vanilla and likes even more the sensation that his lips get from the mint that is infused with the chap stick. He has been using it since Monday and here we we are Wednesday only and his lips are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and his rash is almost completely gone from under his bottom lip. So now he has his very own special chap stick that he uses every day multiple times a day. It has taken so much to find a chap stick that works for him. We tried using Burt’s Bee’s for the longest time and still….it didn’t work. I am so happy that we found something that works for him.
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Then I used the menthol vanilla lotion stick that was sent to me. First of all I am loving the fact that it is not a greasy product whatsoever. I actually put that on the bottom of my feet last night because they crack really bad in the winter and put socks on. I woke up this morning and my feet were probably 5 times better after one use of this product. I am so glad it worked because I really didn’t want to have to get the “cheese grater” foot spa tool to cut off any of my callouses. I am going to continue using this ever night before I go to bed putting socks on and see how great they look when 1 full week is over. I will be editing this blog one week from today with before and after pictures of my feet on how great this lotion stick works. 

If anyone has any questions about Poofy Organics, please contact Erika directly via the contact info above!

Thank you again Erika for coming to the rescue with 2 products that make my life and my son’s life more comfortable and easy! 

Distributor: Krista Lipinsky
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Distributor ID: 1348847

So I’ve been weary about jumping on the oils train for quite a few months and finally….I reached out to someone for a sample so that I could try something to help me with my insomnia. Unfortunately I was cursed w/ insomnia that cannot even be cured with sleeping pills….prescribed or over the counter (OTC).

Krista was kind enough to send me a sample of the lavender oil. She also sent me a very information packet as to where to place the oils and how they effect the body. So I thought “oh what theFeatured image heck, let’s give this a try…nothing else I’ve done has worked!” All I can say now….is BUY OILS!

I used the Lavender on Monday night because I was beginning to feel restless and hadn’t yet taken any medication. So I rubbed the oils on the bottom of my feet and put socks on and then sprinkled a few drops on my pillow and on my sheets on my side of the bed. I can honestly tell you….Monday night was the best 7 hours of sleep I’ve gotten in weeks. I felt so relaxed after about 15 minutes of putting on the oil and laying down and fell asleep so naturally. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) morning and didn’t feel groggy and actually had quite a bit of energy…way more than I do on a day to day basis.

I was blown away by how well these oils worked and I cannot wait to jump on the oils bandwagon and try new scents for different things.

I have a son who has oppositional mood disorder and after using the lavender it actually made me want to go and buy a diffuser to put in the kids bedroom at night so they too can have the same kind of rest. I also want to get a diffuser for my living room and try different scents for all the different things they offer.

Seriously check out her link above and see what the oils do! I know that I will be ordering more oils and CANNOT just CANNOT wait to see how they work. Now the trick is going to be to find one that stops my husband from snoring 🙂

Thank you Krista for being so generous for sending me samples and allowing me to do a product review on your Young Living Oils products. I look forward to working with you in the future. If any of you have questions, please contact Krista directly at

Thank you again Krista! You are amazing and so are your oils!

If you are interested in becoming a rep….they have their premium starter kit for $150. It is $296.00 worth of products and included are: Oils: Frankincense (5ml), Joy (5 ml), Lavender (5 ml), Lemon (5 ml), Panaway (5 ml), Peace & Calming (5 ml), Peppermint (5 ml), Purification (5 ml), Purification (5 ml), Stress away (5 ml), Thieves (5 ml), Valor (5 ml), Home diffuer (as pictured original price is $98 retail),Aroma glide roller fillment, 10 oil samples, and 2 Ningxia samples.

Also if you sign up to become a distributor you get 24% off of the products w/ the wholesale membership.

Thank you again Krista!

I don’t even know where to begin with how happy I am with the work Just Paint has done in my household! They redid my basement, kids bedroom, and hallway! Joe is the owner of the company and when he did our home it was such a pleasure to have him there.

His work is beautiful. Yes it might just be painting walls and fixing spots in my house but he was many other talents as well such as drywall, etc.

His prices were the most affordable around. He is so profession. Does amazing work, and is just a pure pleasure to be around. We actually plan to hire him back this summer to stain our house and decks that’s how impressed we were with.

Also on the plus side the man is amazing with kids. He actually let my 5 year old help him with their bedroom in some spots.

I highly recommend Just Paint Professionals for all your household interior and exterior paining. I won’t use anyone else.


Check out his Facebook page here! And tell him Dee sent you.

You thought I was going to say about that bass didn’t you? Haha no worries…not happening unless there’s video and I’m singing and dancing.

I really like helping people. Whether it be to build a business, give to someone in need, or just be an ear to listen I thoroughly enjoy helping people. I say it was because it was the way I was raised. My mom is the exact same way. I was raised that if you know or see someone in need no matter the circumstance, you go out of your way to try and help that person.

There is a family where I live that they call the “van family” because a mother and her disabled son live in their van. I just recently started following them on a Facebook page that was created for them and it just breaks my heart to see them in such a situation. Their van was broken down and towed out of the parking lot it has resided in for the last at least 2 years I’ve been aware of and the owner of a local shop has graciously offered to fix their van at no charge.

People in our community have reached out put them up in a hotel for a week until the van is fixed. But I keep seeing an underlying problem….the mother. She is basically refusing all help to her if it is not up to her standards. My question is this, if you are in that kind of situation….are you really supposed to have standards? Or wouldn’t you graciously accept any and all help that was given to you?

I would hope that I would never find myself in that situation….but I keep thinking of something happened and my husband lost his job…we’d lose everything….well just about everything. I would hope that there would be kind people out there to help us if we truly needed it. I would never say no to something just because it wasn’t up to my standards….or even my liking.

it breaks my heart…..a person in need feels that they can be choosey on the help they get…which it is a free country the last time I checked so yes she most certainly can be….but that doesn’t change how i feel any less.

I’ve done my fair share of fundraising, helping with benefits, giving away things to people in need, help people build their business, etc.

What are your thoughts? If something this tragic were to happen to you, would you accept any and all help? Or would you pick and choose? I would really like some honest answers and not what people think is right or what I want to hear….this is something that has been eating at me the last couple of days.

Just tell me how adorable these two items are? First let me start off by saying that these two items were not made for my daughter. But the owner of Tutuloo Bowtique did make my daughter a customer tutu for her Halloween costume….she was a scarecrow and it was amazing but it was too cold here in Illinois to go trick or treating with babies. So she and I together decided that this piece was going to be the one that we featured for the product review. Kelly Repp is a stay at home mom of 4 kiddos. One day, she found her inner craft goddess….sometimes Pinterest is actually good for people! Kelly came out of the woodwork with how talented she became with make these tutus and bows. Pictured below is a newborn tutu made on ribbon so it is adjustable. The bow…omg it’s just too cute. It is handmade with satin and feathers to achieve the cute look. She is so talented that she has even ventured on to making dresses with tutu bottoms….and let’s be real you are NEVER too old for a tutu. Trust me….I’m doing a mud run in May….and she will most definitely be making the team tutus.

Featured image

Interested in checking out her work? Check her out on Facebook!
She can customized anything! Take a look through her pictures on Facebook. And leave her a lovely comment on here or Facebook for when she reads her product review!

Thank you Kelly for being so talented and making my daughter her tutu even though she could only wear it for like 5 seconds! I cant wait to see what you come up with for the mud run!

Now this might not be the most flattering picture of myself, but the hat is amazing. This is a hat that was actually given to me for my birthday by my older sister from an Etsy shop called CloudTwine. The work that I have seen on her shop is just to die for. She specializes in Crocheting, but taught herself how to knit by watching a YouTube video. Pretty impressive I’d say. But I also do not have the patience for tedious things like that.  If you take a quick peek at the featured image that is the exact hat I am wearing in this picture. I am OBSESSED. I don’t think I have had a hat so warm that DOESN’T stretch out when I wear it almost every single day. The owner of the shop is Amelia Barone. She is a young mother of 3 who does this because it is a passion of hers. I admire her passion…..It makes beautiful things. Her prices are so affordable as well. Featured imageIf you wish to view more products by CloudTwine please feel free to visit her Etsy shop at She also has a facebook page that you can like at Show her some love and tell her that TabooMommy sent you! If you have purchased something from CloudTwine….leave a comment and tell me how much you love her work!!!!