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Falling off the wagon….

And that’s not in reference to drinking or any addictive behavior at all.

This is really more of a blog entry geared towards SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms). Although, I’m sure that the working mommies out there could weigh in on this subject as well.

As I’ve said before….in March it’ll be 1 year that I’ve been home with my kids….Ages 8, 5, and 18 months. They pretty much run my life at this point. And I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING! But when I was working I noticed that I had more of a sense of accomplishment. Sunday evenings after dinner I would sit down and do a week or two week meal plan. I would dedicate 1 day on the weekend to doing laundry, scrubbing the house, etc…..but here we are almost a year later and I seem to have fallen off the wagon. And even my husband has noticed unfortunately. It used to be that I would run the vacuum and he would be like omg did you clean the house….and now I run the vacuum once or twice a day and he’ll be like when is the last time you dusted? LOL….now that just irritates me….but hey whatever….at least he pays attention right?

But now…it’s like I know I’m going to be home ALL DAY EVERY DAY….so I feel like if I don’t clean for 4 days who cares because on day 5 I’ll clean…or why do laundry on Sunday when I can do it Monday or Tuesday….I almost feel like I have lost my sense of accomplishment! There are days where I wake up at 630 and start cleaning and am cleaning until 3-4 in the afternoon…and there are days where I just want to watch everything from the last week I have on my DVR…or I just want to take a nap….because I CAN!….and I seriously feel like a hermit bum.

It’s winter so we are inside all day…really there’s no excuse for me not cleaning except I don’t feel like it. And it has started arguments with my husband because he busts his ass 40 hours a week to support us and allow us to stay home. But at the same time….3 kids is a lot of work…..and an 18 mo old by herself is even more work omg….and she is like a tornado that rips through the house and cleaning up after her SUCKS…but I am the one that is home….therefore I am the primary caretaker….I clean…make sure the boys are out the door for school on time….cook for them…help the boys with their homework every day….make sure they are all bathed etc….so don’t I deserve to NOT do anything once in awhile?

I feel like that sense of entitlement to be lazy because raising kids is hard work….but that’s no excuse. I know it isn’t, but that doesnt mean my mindset is going to change….

How do you stay productive? What do you do to make yourself feel accomplished? Do you make lists? Or just fly the seat of your pants most days? Im really curious what my readers do and have to say….Is this a normal thing I will grow out of? Or am I doomed?!


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