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Distributor: Erika Dycus
Company: Poofy Organics
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Website: www,
January Special: All home parties booked in the month of January, the hostess will receive a gift basket worth $45

Oh Erika I am so happy that you sent me the samples that you did. First we are going to start with the all natural lip balm that she sent me….that’s right all natural! You just cannot go wrong with organic products these days….especially knowing all of the harmful chemicals that are every day things we put in our body.

My oldest son has lips that chap so easily in the winter that they crank and bleed. And he gets this weird irritation under his bottom lip every single year because of the drying and he licks to moisten his lips/mouth area versus using chap stick. We got the Vanilla mint chap stick in the mail and the first thing I made him do was to put it on his lips. He uses it AT LEAST 3 times a day! He says that he loves the smell of the vanilla and likes even more the sensation that his lips get from the mint that is infused with the chap stick. He has been using it since Monday and here we we are Wednesday only and his lips are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and his rash is almost completely gone from under his bottom lip. So now he has his very own special chap stick that he uses every day multiple times a day. It has taken so much to find a chap stick that works for him. We tried using Burt’s Bee’s for the longest time and still….it didn’t work. I am so happy that we found something that works for him.
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Then I used the menthol vanilla lotion stick that was sent to me. First of all I am loving the fact that it is not a greasy product whatsoever. I actually put that on the bottom of my feet last night because they crack really bad in the winter and put socks on. I woke up this morning and my feet were probably 5 times better after one use of this product. I am so glad it worked because I really didn’t want to have to get the “cheese grater” foot spa tool to cut off any of my callouses. I am going to continue using this ever night before I go to bed putting socks on and see how great they look when 1 full week is over. I will be editing this blog one week from today with before and after pictures of my feet on how great this lotion stick works. 

If anyone has any questions about Poofy Organics, please contact Erika directly via the contact info above!

Thank you again Erika for coming to the rescue with 2 products that make my life and my son’s life more comfortable and easy! 


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