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So we’re on day 2 of “snow day” for our school districts. But in all reality it’s a cold day because it’s -9 with wind chills of -35 to -40. I am the parent that if its 0* outside….I would sincerely hope that they close the schools for the children’s safety, however with that being said, I came across this article this morning that kind of got my fires going…..I mean you’ll probably be able to tell because I haven’t written in a few weeks.

Basically in a nutshell the author of this article is basically calling parents and children alike wimpy because our schools are closed due to the extreme temperatures. Here’s what the author DOESN’T”T take into account. It can take seconds to get frostbite when exposed to these temperatures. Also…..what happens when your child’s bus breaks down, you’re at work and have no clue….and now all of a sudden your kid gets hypothermia from standing there waiting for the bus? Not to mention 9 times out of 10 when temperatures get this cold….buses don’t start. Or they will start and not even be warm by the time their routes are done. Now you are subjecting these children and their driver to hazardous conditions. I wonder if this author even has children?

Secondly as a mother who has a child with asthma…..and I’m sure any parent that has a child with any respiratory or autoimmune disease etc can relate…..when you are a child (or an adult) with asthma and you are standing out in subzero temperatures and all of a sudden you get to school and it’s all nice and toasty warm….your bronchial muscles start to spasm, whether it be just enough to irritate a child and give them a cough or a full blown asthma attack it doesn’t matter. Going from one extreme temperate to another is very dangerous. I am glad that school take our children’s health and well being into thought while they make the tough decisions to close schools for cold weather. Just because the kids get a “snow day” doesn’t mean the teachers are there working. The teachers also along with the children will be in school longer when summer comes….they do not make these decisions lightly.

I feel that if you are going to write an article calling children “wimpy” maybe have your facts straight. Take other things into account. Yeah, I get that anyone can have a blog. Freedom of speech is what they call it. But come one….It’s 2015….our kids don’t have to walk miles to school in the snow barefoot or anything like that. Do your research, have some common sense.

Ultimately it truly is up to the parent whether they want to send their child to school when the weather is as it is. But with the schools being closed that’s obviously a decision they don’t have to make. I also understand that when the schools close for a day or two or even more during the week it can be stressful on a parent who works because of last minute child care being needed, but again the writer of the article just sounds ignorant….and again….I wonder if they have any children…

All I ask is that if for some reason you truly do need to take your children out of the warmth of your home, is that you use your brain. If you’re cold….they are colder.  Bundle them up. Warm your car up. We know that not all parents are all there, so please just have common sense. Stay inside if you can. Keep your kids inside if you can. It’s below freezing outside. There is no reason in the world a child needs to be outside.


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