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THAT mom funk……

Whether you have 1 child or 6 children…we’ve all been in this spot.

That dreaded mom funk. You know the one that you hear your mommy friends talking about. “oh I haven’t showered in 3 days”, “there’s a weeks worth of dishes piled in my sink”, “My kid had McDonalds 3 times this week because I didnt feel like cooking”

Yeah. We’ve all been there. I actually was just currently in a “mom” funk….but quickly realized that “mom” funks are created by ourselves when we feel like being lazy. We actually use the excuse “mom funk” because we want to catch up on our DVR, or we don’t want to take a shower, or do the dishes, or mop the floors…..yeah it’s all in our head.

You’ll notice more times than not that the “mom funk” is that of the SAHM (stay at home mom)…because as a working mother you are up between 4-6 every single morning. Drop the kids off at the sitters or daycare, head to work to be there at 8, clock out at 5, pick up the kids, get home at 5:30, cook dinner, eat around 6-630 on a good night, kids in bed by 8:30, you’re in bed by 11-12 so you can spend some time with your significant other, do laundry, clean up from dinner, etc.

I’ve been in both places. I was a working mother for the last 8 years of my life up until 8 months ago so this whole SAHM thing is new to me. But each week…..and I will admit I have lazy weeks….lazy to the point of my daughter takes a nap…I’m napping with her because I’m just so darn tired and I didn’t get to nap for the last 8 years. But excuses excuses….doesn’t matter…..I’ve come to realize that the “mom funk” is something relative to SAHM’s…..where we have the right to be lazy, not cook, not to laundry, catch up on our DVR….whatever. But why are we calling it the mom funk? Is it so people don’t judge us for being lazy? I mean let’s be honest….how many times did you get dressed in real clothes this week? Me? Nope not once…but hey I showered….so that counts for something right?

Someone came up with this stupid “mom funk” term and I’m starting to loathe it. You’re not in a “funk”. You need a break. You want to be lazy. You want to wear PJ’s for a week. Who is the world to judge if that’s the case? Why not own it? Why not say “You know what? I feel like being ridiculously lazy this week and I am not going to do anything but catch up on my DVR unless my kids need something.” UMMMM pretty sure even working parents do that on the weekends…..I can admit that I have…..

I can also admit where there are days that my daughter and I just hang out playing on the floor all day or she helps me pretend mop…..but you bet once that clock hits 2:00….I might actually wipe down a counter and vacuum so it looks like I did something that day….

Own it. “Mom Funk” just isn’t legit. Either you are lazy…which my god when you run the household 24/7 you are entitled to….or you are depressed and need to talk to someone….there is no “mom funk”…..go to a dr and tell them you are suffering from the “mom funk” she’ll write you a big script for Zoloft right there….

OWN IT! Be lazy! Its okay moms! No more “mom funk”…..let’s just be lazy together….OWN IT.


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