No filters, crazy honest, crazy fun

Yeah…..He’s a 5 year old boy…..but so what? What are your 5 year olds watching when you let them watch Netflix?

Here’s how I see it….we’re really trying to teach our kids about things being unisex….IE the color pink. My 5 year old used to refuse to wear pink or purple because it was a “girls” color. Whoever told him that I am unsure of because his father rocks pink and purple better than any man I’ve ever met.

But any who! The first time he was watching Barbie on Netflix I was like “no buddy you can’t watch that, it’s for little girls”….and then I had just realized what I said. Barbie DOLLS might be for little gears…or at least geared towards little girls but I actually sat down and watched an episode with him yesterday.

First of all whenever he wants to watch Barbie….you bet your ass I will be letting him…do you know why? Life lessons…..about friendships and relationships…..The one thing I’ve noticed on Barbie….Ken is not a dick. He doesn’t treat Barbie like a maid or piece of ass or anything….He goes out of his way to prove his love to her every episode….or just about every episode because I haven’t watched the entire show (idk if i can bring myself to).

If there is one lesson that my SON will learn from watching Barbie, it will be how to treat his friends….and future girlfriends…and that makes me happy. Think about it…Spongebob and Patrick are best friends and Spongebob calls Patrick stupid in a few episode….I try not to allow that show in my house….Scooby Doo…classic…..we love that show….the two morons of the show love each other….but they never “act”  on it…..

So yeah little buddy….you wanna watch Barbie….you go right ahead and watch it.


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