No filters, crazy honest, crazy fun

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m candid. I have no filter. And I don’t care what people think about me. But there has been a few things weighing heavily on my mind I’d kind of just like to get out there.

First I will start with saying that I am not depressed whatsoever. If I were depressed id have no problem admitting it because well I want people to finally once and for all feel comfortable talking about an unacceptable subject.

It’s 2014 and we still cannot openly talk about depression. It’s as if we are still in the 1960’s. If you’re depressed you suck it up and deal with it. If you succumb to medication you keep it quiet because you are a failure.

You’re not weak. You’re not a failure. In fact it’s quite the opposite. You are strong and admirable! I’ve actually had two women come to me today to discuss their issues with depression, life, and medication. It’s nice because I have a degree in psychology but will never psychobabble you to death. At the end of the conversations each girl came to realize that they ARE strong. They were never weak and they are stronger because they reached out to someone to talk to.

We’ve all had our bouts with depression whether you can admit it or not. It’s okay if you can’t admit it. And if you do admit it, no one will think differently of you. Hell they might even admire you and realize they aren’t alone. Talk about it. Do something about it. It’s depression. It’s not the Black Plague. It’s not contagious. And just listening to someone who reaches out can do more than you realize.

Be happy. Be YOU. Be kind.


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