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This post might be morbid to some, but I know death has always been a huge fear of mine especially since I’ve become a mother.

I’ll start with my week last week. My oldest sons birthday was this past Thursday 10/16. His birthday started with us having to be evacuated from our home at 5:30am via SWAT team. Unfortunately one of our neighbors snapped and shot two cops who came to his home for a well being check around 2:30am. The cops are stable. One is critical and in ICU.

16 hour man hunt. We weren’t allowed back in our home until he was find. That was mostly my choice. We had 250 police/swat members in our tiny little neighborhood but I didn’t want my kids to see that. Especially because they know the neighbor.

It’s all very sad how things happened. The suspect was caught unharmed and is awaiting trial.

I think about this as I watch Criminal Minds. Death is around every corner and unavoidable. But it’s sad. And how do you prepare for something like that? How do you prepare your family for something like that?

Take a second. Think about it.
Back to our regularly scheduled candid blogs…..I promise 🙂


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